Building a house

Although building a house in Kenya is cheaper than buying a new home, a builder can spend more money building a home due to lack of proper information.

Here are easy tips to help you avoid making expensive mistakes during the construction of your new home.

1.) Budgeting – Planning your budget involves finding out how much you can raise for your home construction and how much the project is likely to cost.

At this point you may realise that you will need a construction loan and it is advisable to find out the loan size you qualify for.

2.) Architect – Identify an architect who will be the project’s lead consultant. Discuss your brief with the architect, and if possible conduct a site visit with him. This visit is important because site features may determine or influence the overall design of your house.

3.) Choose a plan – You can choose a ready-made

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Cost of roofing materials

Homeowners have many choices when it comes to buying roofing materials in Kenya; steel panels, wood shakes, ceramic tile, asphalt shingles and so on.

Style, cost, durability and availability are among the major consideration when choosing the type of roofing materials to use on your house. As with most building materials, roofing products are now trending towards engineered materials.

This is due to the ever-rising cost of natural materials as well as the return on investment offered by engineered materials. While the up front cost of installing a roof is a major consideration, the service life and maintenance costs must also be considered so as to ascertain which roofing material offers the best value.

The cost of roofing materials in Kenya vary dramatically depending

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Cost of building

Knowing the average building costs will help you adjust your plan to meet your home construction budget.

Here are tips to help you estimate the amount of money needed for your new house project.

1.) Contact house builders
Get in touch with contractors who build houses that are similar in size, style, quality, and features to the home you want. The contractors will tell you how much per square foot they usually charge for building a house

More importantly contractors can also give you an idea of what your house might cost. However, it is recommended that you ask to know exactly what is included in the price. Most builders will give you a list showing the materials they will use.

2.) Count the square footage
Look at a newly built home that is similar to the one you want. Get the price of the home, subtract the price of the land, and divide that amount by the square footage of the home.

For example, if the house is selling for

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