Building a house

Although building a house in Kenya is cheaper than buying a new home, a builder can spend more money building a home due to lack of proper information.

Here are easy tips to help you avoid making expensive mistakes during the construction of your new home.

1.) Budgeting – Planning your budget involves finding out how much you can raise for your home construction and how much the project is likely to cost.

At this point you may realise that you will need a construction loan and it is advisable to find out the loan size you qualify for.

2.) Architect – Identify an architect who will be the project’s lead consultant. Discuss your brief with the architect, and if possible conduct a site visit with him. This visit is important because site features may determine or influence the overall design of your house.

3.) Choose a plan – You can choose a ready-made

house plan or you may ask your architect to create a custom-designed plan for you.


4.) Choose your team – Now that you have an architect, the next step is to choose the other project team members. They include a builder, an excavator, an engineer, a surveyor, a contractor, etc. Together, these consultants can give you construction costs estimate based on your plan.

5.) Seek approvals – Submit your plans to the local authority for approval. The City Council of Nairobi has designed an e-construction permit system to enable you to submit drawings online.

6. ) Groundbreaking – Once your plans are approved, you may give your project team the go ahead to start construction. You should make site visits during construction to confirm the project is being undertaken according the plan.

As you will realise during the course of construction, building a house in Kenya is quite straightforward providing one follows right procedure, including obtaining all the necessary approvals and buying high quality materials.



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